Blog Feature/Guest Post Opportunity

Are you a small business owner or an indie artist/maker? Glad to see you here :). Currently I want to feature fellow artists/makers/small business owners in my blog. If you own a jewellery shop, party DIY shop, small boutique, and everything feminine/woman related items for English-speaking audience, then this is a good opportunity to gain more exposure.  🙂

100% Free…. No Hidden Payment etc.

These are my simple terms:

  1. Your works/shops are related with feminine hobbies. I.e. Sewing, quilting, card-making, pretty watercolor illustrations, home decorating, cooking, fashion, etc. Well it’s not about being gender biased but you know, most of my audiences are adult female and I am a female as well 😉 .
  2. Send me your article/giveaway/tutorial/freebie related to the topics mentioned above and I will post it here. Otherwise I can also write them for you for free.
  3. I’ll post links to your shop, website, or social profiles to gain more exposure.
  4. Your shop, website, or social profiles must be family-friendly. No p*rn or g*mbling links, too-many pop-up ads, etc. It’s not fun.
  5. I don’t take any responsibility for the validity of information you provide.
  6. It’s for English-Speaking readers/audience.

If you want to ( don’t worry, It’s not mandatory, you can skip these if you feel like you don’t want to)

  1. You can link the featured post to your own blog or share it with your social networking services OR
  2. You can put my blinkies/linkback to this blog OR
  3. You can post about my shop in your blog, too OR
  4. You can donate any amounts of your money to your favorite charity programs, OR
  5. …………. (fill any kind of good deed here :D)

If you’re interested in this offer, simply grab the chance by filling this contact form.  Thank you 😀


♥ Nina ♥