Featured Artist – Sonia Cavallini

Hi Everyone!

It’s October already and I’m here again to feature Sonia, a young and talented artist from France. She opened a very awesome shop HERE. Her works are incredibly beautiful and I’m really sure that you’ll agree with me. Well, I’m about to fill this post with her stunning works anyway. So, keep reading! 😀

* * *

Tell us a little about yourself…

Hello! My name is  Sonia Cavallini. I am a French illustrator based in Lyon (sorry for my English) and I am 26 years old. I live with my boyfriend – a 3D designer, in a small apartment which is also our studio. I am really happy because in a few months we are going to get a kitten :).

How did you begin this adventure?

I have a degree in art history but it was a little difficult to find a job in a gallery. Last year, after finishing my studies, I traveled to Australia and Asia to think about my future, to discover new culture and people. I used to draw since I was little, but during my studies I had no time and it was complicated to paint. In Australia, I drew a lot and I realized that was what I really wanted to do. When I came back to France, I decided to open my own stationery shop.

Please tell us about your inspiration source…

I have many sources of inspiration. I like to paint flowers and animals. If you take the time to look, nature is really relaxing and I tried to put this feeling in my drawings. I like to find old illustrations for children and vintage patterns.

What’s so special about your creations?

All my creations are made with love. I’m a perfectionist and I tried to be satisfied with my drawings (although it’s very hard  🙂 ). I like handmade stationery and I do all my work by myself. For example, I create my own hand carved stamps to decorate envelopes. I love to include small details in my work and I hope my customers will be happy by that.

What is your proud achievements (regarding your products)?

Turn my hobby into a business is very challenging. I have to work very hard and I am really proud when people like my drawings. I am always surprised to see my drawings on blogs or on Pinterest. Recently, I have three of my illustrations in a beautiful book (Eloge des Arbornidés) about imaginary trees.

Please share us Some tips/advice 🙂

Work hard but do not forget to be happy with what you do. This is the most important.

What is your favorite piece in your shop?

I think it’s maybe my envelopes 🙂

* * *

Thank you Sonia for sharing your talent. Your artworks are so beautiful and we are looking forward to see more.

Then, for all my lovely readers, if you are interested to get to know her more, simply head to her Etsy shop here (Sonia Cavallini Illustration on Etsy) and her website http://www.soniacavallini.com. Prepare yourself to be impressed, and have a wonderful October!

♥ Nina ♥

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