Featured Artist – Simona from Softly Bear Paw

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Today’s post is about my interview with Simona (from Softly Bear Paw), an award-winning Teddy Bear Artist. Her shop is currently selling cute collectible teddy bears, as well as PDF sewing patterns for your DIY projects. Below are the complete interviews.

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Soft Teddy Bear by Simona from Softly Bear Paw
Soft Teddy Bear by Simona from Softly Bear Paw

Tell us a little about yourself

Hello, my name is Simona. I am little bit shy πŸ™‚ and it’s always been so hard to speak about myself, but I will try. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, housewife, photographer and Teddy bears artist (for sure). I can not imagine my world without all these things πŸ™‚ I feel blessed that in this life I can do what I am passionate about. Sometimes I just think that it is the most wonderful thing (for) people (to) find their true passion.

Softly Bear Paw
Softly Bear Paw

How did you begin this adventure?

Just like everyone’s childhood, mine was surrounded by soft toys and bears. I think every child owned one favorite bear. So did I. But then I grew up and forgot about it 😦 During maternity leave with my second daughter I accidentally found artist teddy bear blogs and I was just charmed with their beauty, exclusivity and cuteness. So I started being interested in the making process and I made one for myself. So this was the first step in my Teddy bears fairy tale. Now it is the third year I am making my Teddy creatures.

Please tell us about your inspiration source…

Inspiration is everywhere. Books, pictures, photography, fairy tales, my kids and family and the small wonders of the world, which sometimes are not notice(d). And for sure my big inspirations (are) my clients and their happiness when they get my Teddies.

What’s so special about your creations?

All my creatures are one of a kind. I always create patterns by myself and even sell the patterns to other people, who want to create their own soft toy.

Materials and Pallette
Materials and Palette

What is your proud achievements (regarding your products)

I can share my biggest achievements in the Teddies Worldwide World :). Last year I entered some contest and in my big surprise my bears took a lot of awards πŸ™‚ It was so good to know that people love them as I do πŸ™‚

Please share us some tips/advice…

Do everything from your heart and you will reach full happiness and success.

What is your favorite piece in your shop?

Well I can not exclude one of them… As my all bears come to this world from all my heart. They all are like my babies and sometimes it’s hard to let them go to new home. But I can share myΒ  best seller pattern. It’s hedgehog Puffy πŸ™‚

Softly Bear Paw by Simona
Softly Bear Paw by Simona

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Thank you Simona for your time. I couldn’t agree more. Things made with love are the best! Here are some cute items from her Etsy Shop, Softly Bear Paw. Simply visit her shop and browse around. There are so many cute things in there. In case you’re so into DIY and sewing, you can also purchase her DIY patterns to begin your own projects.

Softly Bear Paw by Simona
Softly Bear Paw by Simona
Softly Bear Paw by Simona
Cute Handmade Teddy Bears

Then, I hope you enjoy reading this post. Have a Nice Day!

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