Free Printable Journal Cards – Valentine

Hi….. everyone!

I hope you all doing well. I’ve been a little busy lately to create new freebies and I told you there would be lot of freebies.

Today, the new freebies are still about Valentine.

Free printable journal cards - Valentine
Free printable journal cards – Valentine

These are 12 printable 4 x 3 journalling cards and filler cards for your creative projects. It’s 300 dpi so I think you can scale it up a little if you need a larger size.

(UPDATE April 2014 – Originally these cards are part of Etsy Digital Designers Team Facebook hop and previously you have to “like” my Facebook Fan Page to download them, but now the hop is ended and I put the extended version here).

Here’s the download link:

Free Printable Journal Card – Valentine.

( Important!: The actual download button is orange and big. Please be aware of fake download buttons added by advertising companies as I use free hosting service. Please make sure that the file suffix is [FILENAME].zip NOT [FILENAME].exe as some files with .exe suffixes may contains viruses/malware  )

As usual, don’t forget to visit my shop to because I’ve added some cute items, including digital paper packs and digital clip art.  

Then, have a wonderful day!

♥ Nina ♥


13 thoughts on “Free Printable Journal Cards – Valentine

  1. Is Beautiful… so bad i can’t downloaded as the survey page has some virus or malware when is open and my antivirus reject instant the page 😦

  2. I loved it thank you….just really didn’t like the download site….you can use google hard drive or dropbox to share too…just fyi. Thanks again. They’re beautiful.

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