Free Printable – Holiday Cards

Hello Everyone!

This month, I’ve been busy creating things. It feels like my hands can’t stop drawing. There are loads of ideas and energies, and that makes me feel so blessed. Therefore I want to share some joy with you all by uploading this cute and free printable holiday card.

The download link is available by the end of this post.

Free Printable Holiday Card
Free Printable Holiday Card

You can print this card out and send it to your family and friends. Don’t forget to read the Terms of Use attached alongside the .pdf files. Be Nice OK?

Last but not least, don’t forget to give our hands and share some bits of our happiness with the people in need. Not all the people are fortunate enough to enjoy holiday. There was a Haiyan Typhoon in Philippines, terrible political conflicts in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and many more. Thanks to the advanced technology of our time, it makes sharing and donating become a lot more easier. We can donate online ( i.e via red cross here and here). Otherwise we can also join directly (by volunteering). The more people doing good deeds, the merrier this world will be. 😉

Finally, here’s the freebie download link.

Free Printable Holiday Card

PASSWORD:      PPD_Holidaycard

Have a wonderful day 🙂


♥ Nina ♥

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