Tutorial – How to Download from Mediafire

[This is not an april mop post!!!]

Lately I received some requests to put other download links (other than Mediafire) for my freebies. They said Mediafire sucks etc because there are too many “deceiving” buttons and they can’t really tell which one is the actual download link. I do understand the grudge, but please don’t blame me 😆 Those ads companies tried to fake the download buttons to get the traffic and I do agree that it’s really annoying.

For the sake of laziness, I came up with of this solution. I will just give you a tutorial to download from Mediafire. Based on my experiences, I’ve never found any difficulties to download stuffs from Mediafire because my amazing ability to find the real download button 😆  Then, here are my tips:

      1. To find the real download button is an easy task. Let’s have a look at the image below.

      2. Simply ignore the ads around it. The actual download link located at the corner (alongside the file size). It’s clearly written there. “Download 18,14 Mb”. It’s the prettiest green button anyway.
      3. Once you click it, it will open in a new window and let you save the stuffs. If you downloaded my freebie, please be aware of the file name. Most of them are ended with .zip or .rar or .pdf  i.e. some_files.zip or pretty_cards.pdf. Be cautious when you download an .exe file. It might contain a malware or virus.
      4. If you do a concurrent downloads (you download so many stuffs from Mediafire at the same time), some of the download pages will require you to enter a CAPTCHA codes. Just fill in the codes then the your download links will appear.

It’s easy Isn’t it? Let’s just assume that I don’t need to re-upload these files somewhere else. 😀 However, If you experience any trouble while downloading my files, please don’t hesitate to ask me. 😉

♥ Nina ♥


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